Monday, December 29, 2008

The Prohibitionists Are Stirring....

"I’ve got news for the prohibitionists of the world. My father won’t give up his freedom to pass on his legacy without government interference — and neither will I, nor will my family, nor my friends. Nor will millions of other freedom-loving citizens."

There are times, like this, when the unmitigated rage arises from deep within the recesses of where it's been sublimated in order to "just get along".

Yep, THEY are talking gun bans and gun-show-loopholes once again.

For once, and for all, cut the bullshit and concentrate on the criminals.

We know who they are, we know where they live, we even know why they kill with impunity and without a shred of remorse. They've been allowed to roam free because politicians need their enablers to keep voting. And the police need them to be free because the more crimes THEY commit, the more cops can be hired and the more toys can be bought. Not to fight the crooks...heavens forbid...but to keep US in line.

Can't blame the real culprits. Sweet moses on a pogo but they're some scary sons a bitches while we are not some scary sons a bitches. We let the cops and politicians run roughshod over our rights day in and day out because dammitall we WANT the system to work. We WANT to be law-abiding, we WANT to respect the social contract. We WANT to keep America strong and united and keep it the greatest nation ever to grace the earth.

That's why we're such easy pickins'. Time was when flashing the badge and demanding law & order was all it took. Take our guns and our full capacity magazines and our poodle shooters, but just go after the criminals, okay?

Nope. Didn't happen. Not gonna happen. The bloodsucking leeches have grown fat sponging off of our reluctance to stop them dead in their tracks. Hey, it's LOTS easier to feed off of us rather than face a genuine bad guy. We gave them their full-auto rifles, their baby tanks, their body armors their sniper rifles and their high power explosives...all things they want to BAN us from ever owning. And instead of tackling the crooks with the means they've NEVER had before, they took on us.

It has to stop and it has to stop soon. Like yesterday. We simply will not tolerate anything resembling another assault weapon prohibition like the one Blowjob Billy foisted upon us.

David Codrea over at The War on Guns has more, just click this link.

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