Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dowsing For IED's...

"[Recently] the glorious nation of Estonia was visited by US president George W. Bush. Our military has some troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and I guess that was partly the reason we were visited by the most important man in the world. But that's not what I want to talk about.

After Bush had left, a local newspaper published a story about a strange man from the bomb squad of the Estonian police force. He was part of the team that secured each location before Bush arrived. The photos show this man in uniform walking around with a dowsing rod and the article identifies him as a bomb squad expert.

Martin Luige, a police PR person, describes the dowsing rod as "a tool for checking for electricity, communications, and the presence of bombs." The Estonian Rescue Board PR manager Rain Porss describes the dowsing rod simply as "a special tool" belonging to the bomb squad. Apparently he can't go into details of how it works, because then the bombmakers would figure it out and lives would be lost.

So when George W. Bush was visiting Estonia, the Estonian bomb squad was looking for bombs using a dowsing rod. Hmmm... Must be some budget cuts I haven't heard about."

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