Friday, December 07, 2007



A man stands at the counter of a local gun shop and is examining a used semi-automatic pistol. He reassembles the gun, then removes a plastic sandwich bag from his hip pocket, takes out a cloth from inside the bag and proceeds to wipe down the firearm.

Wow, that's weird. You always carry a silicone cloth with you?

Yes. Whenever I'm gun-shopping and have handled a firearm I like cleaning it down so I can put it back at least as good as I found it.

So you think you're gonna want that pistol, or what?

No. Does nothing for me really. Balance is off, the bore axis is far too high and there are virtually no aftermarket parts in the pipeline yet so I think I'll pass.

So you think you're gonna buy ANY gun today?

If one strikes my fancy well then sure.

You won't get a better price anywhere else in town on anything we've got, that I can tell you, so why not think of it as an investment?

I'm not looking just for price or I wouldn't have walked in the door. Anything you have can be purchased on the web for a lot cheaper but I like working with local businesses. The ambiance, the trust, the camaraderie, so many things influence me a lot more than a few bucks here and there.

Well look I gotta go help someone else so do me a favor and don't lean on the glass while you're looking.

FADE OUT to door slamming.

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