Friday, October 02, 2009

Jugheads Shoe-In Shot Down

Obama's Trip For Naught As Olympic Committee Picks Even Bigger Crooks

WASHINGTON, Oct 2 (Reuters) - "U.S. President Barack Obama's politically risky Olympics gamble failed to bring home the gold on Friday, with the Olympics committee's refusal to grant the 2016 Summer Games to his hometown Chicago.

And wasn't it FUN listening to the cable talking heads on how Chi-Town was a certifiable LOCK to get the summer games?

Not that you can blame these morons. Since THEY have fallen in love with the jackass they're CERTAIN that the rest of the world must have as well. But its yet another reason to worry about the naivete of both the Obo camp and the state run media that loves him.

BOTH group of fools actually thought that personality would make a difference, and didn't figure on the corrupt Olympic big shots simply selecting whomever guaranteed them more kickback bucks.

This fool and his clumsy brethren can't nail down an Olympic bid, but expects us to believe he can talk the Iranians out of nuking the Jews?


And as for this being a "risky trip", bullshit. Those that love him will STILL love him and those that hate him get to have a good laugh at his expense.

Precisely how a court jester is SUPPOSED to act.

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