Tuesday, February 09, 2010

...As A Matter Of Fact...YES...WE DO

"Drivers on Interstate 35 near Wyoming, Minn., are greeted by a large billboard bearing a photo of former President George W. Bush, smiling and waving. The caption beside the photo: “Miss Me Yet?”

A photo of the billboard was widely circulated on the Internet on Monday, leading to speculation that it was the product of clever digital trickery.

But Wyoming resident Bob Collins of Minnesota Public Radio confirmed to National Public Radio that the billboard is real.

No one has claimed responsibility for the billboard."

But its my guess that we'll soon be seeing more of them around the country and I for one would donate to such an endeavor so if you do happen to know who's behind this then drop me a line.

See. I got so excited I ran on a sentence just like some poor stupid journalist that doesn't know any better but keeps on writing and writing and writing because no one ever...

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