Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Criminal Mimes

Well, the title of the show is Criminal Minds, but Mime works swell too because even though I like the thing it portrays the sort of F.B.I. we'd have were it not for the 10th Amendment. They go through the motions hoping the viewer won't realize that for each crime they solve they usually commit half a dozen in the process.

Serial killers have forever fascinated me; beginning way back when I couldn't figure out how civilization could breed such monsters, all the way up to my understanding that humans are, after all, simply smarter animals and people are generally speaking capable of doing the darnedest things.

Criminal Minds is about the F.B.I. guys...and gals in the show but there are very few female field agents of any sort in reality...who try to profile the people who once upon a time perpetrated "Stranger Killings" before Serial Killings became more popular.

Profilers can be as wrong as they are correct, but it intrigues me nonetheless. Most of profiling is nothing more than good old fashioned common sense, but in an era of abysmal law enforcement performances ANY organization that actually does some good makes me sit up and take notice.

Seeing as how Criminal Minds is a theatrical presentation made for television it is no wonder that it features characters who'd fall to the ground screaming "GUN!!!"should they witness a badge-less-citizen bearing arms, but I expect such abject nonsense, and, after all, it is the serial killer I'm watching the show for anyways. Politically correct Feds are the only sort that'd be capable of populating a TV show, for as we all know it is anathema to life, liberty, and the pursuit of ratingness for average folken to possess the means of...gasp...defending themselves.

I mean, what in the hell would we need cops for if we could settle most of our own affairs? Taxation, you say, and that sir is right. Most of modern law enforcement revolves around fining and ticketing the hapless civilian because how could they afford those big fancy stations and alla them armored cars and attack dogs and paramilitary assault squads searching for that errant joint on a stingy budget.

Thank God for serial killers or there'd be nothing for me to watch on network TV.

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