Thursday, May 20, 2010

George Will On: Political Theater of the Absurd

WASHINGTON -- "The candidate who on Tuesday won the special election in a Pennsylvania congressional district is right-to-life and pro-gun. He accused his opponent of wanting heavier taxes. He said he would have voted against Barack Obama's health care plan and promised to vote against cap-and-trade legislation, which is a tax increase supposedly somehow related to turning down the planet's thermostat. This candidate, Mark Critz, is a Democrat.

And that just about exhausts the good news for Democrats on a surreal Tuesday when their presumptive candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut -- the state's attorney general, Richard Blumenthal -- chose to hold a news conference at a Veterans of Foreign Wars hall to discuss why he had falsely said he fought in a foreign war. National Democrats may try to find a less damaged candidate for Connecticut, but first they may have to do that in Illinois..."

Okay stop the music...

Here's a way to fix this for the foreseeable...meaning democrats lying about their participation in a war ala John Kerry and a host of other liberal wannabees so it is gonna continue...future.

If he served as a combat Marine, as Richard Blumenthal says he did*, merely ask this of him or any other candidate: Were you awarded the Combat Action Ribbon?

The CAR means precisely what it says. The holder was fired upon, and returned fire upon those doing the firing upon.

None of this "Vietnam Era" bullswaddle. If you actually fought in a war the Marines bestow the CAR.

*Seeing as how Mr. Blumenthal repeatedly lied about being an active duty Marine and serving in Vietnam...apparently he was a Reservist for a time...I hereby officially drum Tricky Dicky from the rolls of honor, and bestow upon him the derogative sobriquet of EX-MARINE.

Not "FORMER", nor even a nod towards "INACTIVE".


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