Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jackson comments on Arizona law trigger protest

"Several dozen people waving signs and American flags gathered outside Staples Center before the Lakers-Phoenix Suns game in a protest over Lakers coach Phil Jackson 's refusal to criticize Arizona's new anti-immigration law, Los Angeles police said Monday."

Okay enough is enough.

What if these same dumbass fans were turned away at the gate because, well gee, several thousand illegal ticket-holders showed up and oops... there's no room.

And hows about these retarded owners?

Think they'd ALLOW hordes of non-paying customers sneaking into their games? And getting FREEBIES at the concession stands? Then murdering, raping, and mugging the LEGITIMATE ticket holders?

Hell no they would not.

And hell no WE won't allow it either. Not when we have the means to prevent such felonious goings on.

Here's yet another salute to Arizona.

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