Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I Won't Do It...I WON'T DO IT...Ah Hell

 Nigger Says Teabaggers Running The GOP

The term "tea-bagger" is like uttering the "n" word, some say. Though he aspires to promote civility, evidence has surfaced that President Obama has added "tea-bagger" to his public lexicon, though it's considered a cheap and tawdry insult by "tea party" activists.

The only way to treat a man who'd use a tawdry, slimy, dirty old homosexual epithet to describe decent people, is with a dose of his own medicine. Teabagging, according to our gay brethren, is when one man positions his genitals atop the face and mouth of another man and slowly lowers to...dip the bag in.

And yeah, I know that Obama is half Irish, so I'll change my headline to Dumbass Mick...if the hue and cry warrants it.

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