Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Japan Still Aflutter About What To Do With Alla Them Darn Marines In Okinawa...

Subtitle: Yes, Virginia, Trying To Take Over The Entire World DOES Have Consequences

"...under the world's only pacifist constitution, Japan spends about 1% of its gross domestic product on defense. But the Japanese — and especially the Okinawans, whose island was under U.S. control until 1972 and which currently hosts 75% of the U.S. military presence in Japan — have expressed growing irritation at what they perceive as their junior status in the relationship. Japan, they noted, has paid some $30 billion to the U.S. to support the U.S. military presence in Japan since 1978." 

I really like the Japanese people. Always have. Well, not back in the 50's when our movies (rightfully so) portrayed them as buck-toothed midgets intent on world domination, but as an adult (who says? Editor)
came to appreciate the sorryass fix modern Japan is in.

I like Japan for some of the same reasons I like liberals. Each new lunatic means, well it means our efforts weren't in vain. We managed to put America and Japan in so very safe a place as to make it possible that idiots who hate real freedom could prosper. People can actually feel so safe as to spit in the face of those who provided that safety, and that's what being a Marine is really all about anyways. 
Protecting the weak and enfeebled. Against those who for not much of any reason at all, would enslave, rape, murder and/or make them vote democrat. Look at it this way; the only claim moslems have to Jerusalem is that they believe it is where Mohammad's flying horse landed, took a dump, then whisked him off to Allah.

Put that on your Facebook wall and ponder it awhile.

Bottom line is it doesn't take much to stir the nuts of the world to a frothing frenzy, and someone has to stand in the way of them and our children and small animals. The French like having sex with both, the Asians like eating little dogs and cats, so it isn't really all that safe out there.

In a decade, without an American military force in Japan, there is no more Japan.

China still can't make anything worth a shit so where would our liberals buy alla their shiny new cell phones and big screen TV's from?

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