Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Revenge Of The Snerds

To my everlasting shame I've not been closely following the Ka-Gan (Japanese for "wife of Godzilla") confirmation hearings. I can't, I just can't stand looking at the creature. Born and raised in NYC, she reminds me of all of the big mouth ladies dying to be little men, "females" who wouldn't take the time to brush their own hair if it killed them. Invariably they were so far to the left they ran it off the road, and mostly because they felt some sort of tragic injustice in being an unattractive woman. The beatniks and the black guys loved 'em cuz they were an easy lay, giving it up to anyone with a smile.

They loved Chairman Mao and Stalin because they were ugly too, and at the same time swooned over Fidel. At the best of times women are contradictions to begin with, but these ladies were the poster children for mixed feelings. Because they traveled the side roads of society they became enamored of the anti-hero; time was when no matter who you were you didn't bash your own country unless it was at a communist party get together but that melded into the angry minority preacher meeting, the black panther meeting, even the Symbionese Liberation army meeting, all of them chockablock with villains looking for a "family" to call their own.

It's why Barack Obama's wife says she never ever was proud of her country until her husband was nominated for the presidency. Why Barry himself disses America at every turn. Angry people do nutty things but until this point in time America had never put them in the position to do serious harm.

Ka-Gan will be appointed an Associate Justice. The Repubs don't have the firepower nor the gumption needed to block her so yet another misfit ascends to the highest court in the land. Its never been this bad, but keeping fingers crossed that it is the black cloud itching to show off its silver lining.

November 2010, then 2012. We take it all back.


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