Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Hampshire Changes "Switch-Blade" Law...And Curiously Enough....

One-Third Of Confiscated Knives Are "Missing"

"On Wednesday, June 9, Abe Foote of Abe's Awesome Armaments in New Hampton, New Hampshire, was reunited with some of the knives the police had seized in a raid on his store. Foote was an unfairly prosecuted victim of New Hampshire's former restrictions on switchblade sales.

Unfortunately, approximately one third of the knives seized by the police remain unaccounted for, having disappeared from the evidence room. An internal investigation has been launched by the County Prosecutor. Knife Rights attorney Evan Nappen got the court order for the knives return."

More of the story...

"The New Hampton Chief of Police has asked for an internal investigation to be conducted after some valuable knives seized as part of a criminal case have allegedly been found to be missing.

Chief Merritt Salmon has filed a motion in Laconia District Court telling defense Attorney Evan Nappen of Concord that he has notified both the Belknap County Attorney and Belknap County Sheriff Craig Wiggin of the need for an investigation in reference to the knives that were seized from Abe's Awesome Armaments in New Hampton in June 2002, well before Salmon was named to head the department. According to Salmon's court filings, Wiggin indicated he in turn would be contacting the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office. On Friday, Wiggin confirmed he has talked to the AG's Office about the case.

Nappen represents Abram W. Foote, 50, of Tilton who is a federally licensed firearms dealer and who owns the Route 104 sporting goods store. Police seized the collection of knives after Laconia Police notified New Hampton Police that Foote had sold a switchblade style knife to one of its officers.

Nappen said his client believed that law enforcement was among those exempted from the ban that then made such knives illegal to possess or carry. That law has since been repealed.

So a cop goes in to buy a neat looking knife, then rats on the seller so his pals can "legally" clean the guy out of his stock. Such lowlifes, eh?

Good luck in ever getting those missing knives returned, Mr. Foote. Just don't hold your breath.

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