Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Incompetent AnorexicTosses Ceremonial First Pitch

I accidentally tuned into the All Star game last evening, and...gasp...saw this pencilnecked nerd toss a baseball WORSE than a girl.

Yeah, that's him' biting his lower lip. Sixty-feet-six-inches. And the spaghetti-armed geek couldn't even REACH home plate without bouncing it. ESPN...Eye-on SPecial Negroes even lied for the frig, saying he got it to the 1st Baseman who was pretending to be the catcher WITHOUT disturbing any gophers.

Remember when Bush hummed a heater in for a strike back at the old Yankee Stadium in October of Ought-1? Acted like he at least KNEW what a sporting event was SUPPOSED to look like. To a roaring crowd. Dressed in a suit that covered full body armor. Unlike this idiot who was booed as much as he was cheered.

Whoever this jerkwad was, he certainly is embarrassing. Pretending to be an American and all that. Damn. Hope he wasn't one of them special-ed kids or something. Then I'd feel bad for poking fun.

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