Friday, July 17, 2009

Man Uses Chainsaw to Fight Off Mountain Lion

CODY, Wyoming — "A man says he used his chainsaw to fight off a starving mountain lion that attacked him while he was camping in the Shoshone National Forest.

Ex-Marine Dustin Britton says he raised the chainsaw he had been using to cut brush and inflicted a gash on the 100-pound lion's shoulder.

The animal retreated, leaving Britton with a small puncture wound on his forearm. Wildlife agents later shot the lion after it attacked a dog brought in to track the animal.

The incident occurred Sunday evening at a campsite 27 miles west of Cody. Authorities say the lion was in poor physical condition.

Wyoming Game and Fish spokesman Warren Mischke says lion attacks on humans are rare."

People REPORTING attacks upon themselves by cougars are rare, simply because to kill or even injure one is considered a mortal sin by the liberal elite. Every last mountain lion state I've lived in or visited is chockablock with men who'll gladly tell you of the time they ran off or shotgunned long as you don't look like a member of some sort of law enforcement. That's why those who would gladly see us eaten trot out these tired old saws regarding the peaceful American lion.

Same thing with alligators...or crocs for that Florida. Can't swing a dead lefty without hitting someone who has off'd one of those nasty ass lizards but don't dare make a big deal of it.

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