Monday, July 27, 2009

Michelle Obama Fears For Barry

"After all, my husband is black. And a black man can get shot just going to the gas station."

Michelle Obama

Isn't it amazing that Barack Obama's wife would confess to the world that blacks kill blacks at such an alarming rate she worries about hubby topping off the tank.

Couldn't be that she was intimating blacks are being killed by whites. Because that simply isn't true, and most folks of ANY color know the real story. Adult black males account for 6% of the population and in large inner cities commit 80% of the violent crimes. And excluding sex crimes where they rob and brutalize and rape elderly white women, almost ALWAYS against other black men.

So why WOULD Michelle Obama, who most assuredly also knows that there are more black males in jail than in high school, why would she admit that her husbands chances of being killed or injured rests predominantly upon the whim of another black man.

Don't think she's just as rabid a racist as HE is, do you? Don't think that just tossing out such racially charged a statement she could be hoping that Ma and Pa Kettle...along with the folks in Rio Linda...believe that she fears for Barry's demise at the hands of a white guy?

Maybe she should read this and stories like this:

At least 17 shot, 2 fatally, in spate of violence on Baltimore's east side

"At least 17 people were shot and two killed in separate incidents Sunday night, including a shooting at a backyard cookout in East Baltimore that left 12 people injured. Among the victims in that shooting were a pregnant woman and a 2-year-old girl, police said.

The spate of violence, which occurred over a stretch of about three hours on the city's east side, was unprecedented in recent memory. Police said they didn't immediately know of a motive in the shootings, and no arrests were reported. Many of the victims were rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital, which became a crime scene later in the evening when a car riddled with bullet holes pulled up to the emergency room."


Maybe she's right. Maybe Barry shouldn't be going for no gas.

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