Thursday, July 23, 2009

"...I'll speak with YOUR MAMA outside!"

The insulting racist that spoke those words to the police who were responding to a burglary in progress call is a close friend of the terrorist known as Barack Hussein Obama.

Read the arrest report here.

For those who've yet to learn of yet another Barack Hussein Obama acquaintance who operates on the sickass side of the law, the cops were summoned to his address after a neighbor called stating that it appeared that someone was breaking into a nearby home.

Henry Louis Gates screamed, cajoled, and threatened the responding officers, just to get his name in the news, and of course allow the Terrorist in Chief a chance to once again prove how racist an individual HE is by proclaiming...facts unseen...that whenever a Caucasian has cause to arrest a negro it is nothing other than a hate crime in disguise.

Sickening racist scumdogs. The lot of them. Led by the chimp-hitler himself.

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