Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update: Fred Thompson On MEET THE FITS

"The right to bear arms is every law abiding citizen's ace in the hole."

"If the high court does take on the 2nd Amendment there are going to be a lot of people on the other side of the aisle unhappy. It says what it says, and no amount of "interpretation" is going to change that....there are no rights which are totally free rides so the states will get to license guns much as Florida does but they've got to be careful not to get in the way of the basic premise that all people have a right to own firearms..."

"Sure I'd like to see them hand down a decision before the elections. Then every candidate would have to take a stand and no amount of verbal sparing is going to make people believe there's a middle ground're either for the Constitution or against it..."

"For those against it maybe its time to ask them what other parts of the Constitution they don't believe to be fashionable any more..."

"Nobody says that the states don't have the right to weed their own gardens but it can't override the laws of the land..."

"Spend more time putting criminals in jail as opposed to tripping up law abiding folks sounds like common sense to me..."

More as I sort through my notes and give my overall opinion of the days events. Caught some of the Florida-Tennessee game but the seats were crappy so I boogied on home. Fred was wearing this blue short sleeve shirt and everyone was asking if he was in Gator colors until I wanted to know something other than who he was rooting for.

Probably the worst venue to try and get a word in edgewise is at a bigtime college football tailgate party, and I give Fred kudos for letting me hound dog him for a few minutes while he wandered around telling everyone that all he wanted to see was a good game and may the best team win. Taking questions on the fly with the Yellowstream media simply drooling over something they can refer to as a misstep can't be the easiest show in town.

I kept thinking of how it would have been were Hillary Rodham to have been the guest here and not Fred. Pressing the flesh with the common folken and giving good mingle isn't something she would seem to be good at.

Royalty never is.

Think I'll keep this on top for the remainder of the day. Wanted to comment on other issues but am going back and forth to this post, adding things as I recall them.

One of the things on the list of questions to ask...I memorized them because I didn't want to look like an idjit reading from a slip of paper...was his feelings about concealed carry on campus, but we were virtually surrounded by moonbat upon moonbat who were being nice because they were deep into Gator-Rapture and would have welcomed Ghengis Khan if he was wearing Florida blue, and I didn't want to ruin the guys day by continuing to say the word GUN around so many sheeple. I almost didn't go because Florida has a ban on bringing weapons onto university property, license or no license, and for the first time in memory I was out and about without a firearm or two stashed on my person. I kept telling myself, make believe you're in the shower, you hardly carry there at all, well sometimes not, and it'll be over soon and you can go fetch the weapons and all will be well.

Anyway, the perfect moment didn't happen and I re-welcomed him to Gainesville then spent some time watching the game. It's a tough question for a Presidential hopeful, campus carry is, and I wonder if any of them...the ones on our side, we already know what the likes of Hussein and Rodham feel about icky guns...believe, truly believe, that students should be allowed to bear arms if they so desire, and would actually say so aloud.


So much was going on I forgot to mention that Ron Paul supporters were at the game too.

They circled Thompson's bus while carrying Paul for President signs and were removed in a non-violent fashion. Not by Fred or any of his people. If you've the time and inclination, check out the comment section for more Fred.

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