Sunday, May 03, 2009

Knife Of The Week: UPDATE

Ka-Bar Bull Dozier

No bells nor whistles, and Clint Slaughter tells me that the six and a half inches of AUS8 in this blade is the best he's seen. I'll believe it when I see it but it's at least a good looker, and hopefully I'll get a chance to break it, strike that, put it through its paces, sometime this weekend.

Here in Florida, you see, using a knife that isn't stainless is just asking for trouble even if you take good care of the steel. And coating, schmoating, after a day of decent use there's enough nicks and scratches and dings to give rust a place to latch on to.


Well AUS8 is STILL AUS8 as far as I'm concerned.

Might be a tiny bit less rollable than the "older" versions of this Japanese stainless, but it loses an edge quicker than a liberal kowtows to Obo.

Next blade to test...

A ZDP 189 stainless that contains 20% Chromium, and 3% carbon.

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