Friday, May 22, 2009

Hussein Teaches Us About American Values

"President Barack Obama Friday warned America risked its security when it compromised its values, seeking support for his bid to sketch a new legal framework for anti-terror policies.

Obama used the backdrop of the US Naval Academy graduation ceremony to argue that founding US ideals must guide the future battle against terrorism, a day after trying to quell raging debate over Guantanamo Bay in a major speech."

This is the same unmitigated slimeball who filled his cabinet and advisory staff with tax cheats and terrorists, and has the bronze balls to even make reference to "values". The very same slimebucket who for years listened to a "pastor" that spoke against America and its allies. The community organizer who made his bones raising the dead and homeless to vote the liberal line.

Clue one, you posturing poser; American values have ALWAYS revolved around personal freedoms and the ability to FIGHT with a vengeance for our way of life.

I tell ya kids, this guy can't be tossed out of office too soon to suit me.

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