Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take My Gun...Please

"Struggling to subdue a crazed suspect, an NYPD cop broke a cardinal rule of law enforcement and handed his gun to a Manhattan janitor, telling his stunned new deputy, "I need some help here," The Post has learned.

Even though his idea of backup usually involves clogged drains, Placido Contreras, 51, said he took hold of the weapon and pointed it at the floor after the cop told him, "Keep your eyes on him and shoot him if you have to."

The officer, whom police refused to identify, had switched the weapon to his weaker hand and couldn't get it back into the holster while he got the cuffs on McNair.

Still, the department praised his actions.

"The officer did a remarkable job in locating and apprehending the suspect, adapting as circumstances required," said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

"I was shocked," the janitor later said. "Because that's the first time I held a real gun."

And if the poor bastard milked the trigger in sheer panic and shot the place to shit, you can bet the NYPD would now be blaming him for order to shift blame away from whatever two-ton-tony cop it was that couldn't do something as simple as controlling an unarmed suspect.

In a more perfect world, the janitor would have simply drawn his own gun and held the bad guy under cover, but this is NYC after all, and the ONLY time a peon is allowed to even touch a firearm is when his masters tell him to.

Can't defend yourself in such a liberal paradise, but you damned well better shoot to kill if a cop needs assistance.

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