Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama flubs defense chief's name

WASHINGTON (AP) - "President Barack Obama sees his secretary of defense just about every day, but he still flubbed Robert Gates' name on Thursday.

Gates was in the crowd for Obama's national security speech. Pointing him out, the president said "William Gates" was on hand. Perhaps Obama was thinking of Bill Gates, the Microsoft billionaire.

It isn't as if this is a big thing in and of itself. Hell, Obama only reads what they tell him to read.

But imagine George Bush making the same mistake. Just think of how incredibly slipshod his puppeteers must be for them to not even know the name of the Secretary of Defense.

They do it all the time, you see. Wrong person, place, or thing, because to the liberal mindset INtention is all that counts, and attention to detail is something that only plagues the little people.

And these guys have their collective paws on THE BUTTON.


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