Monday, May 11, 2009

Moms Walk To Pass The Buck On Gun Violence

NEW YORK (AP) - "Hundreds of mothers and other activists have been marching the streets of New York City to protest gun violence.

Gloria Cruz of the Million Mom March in New York says she wants to honor children who have died as a result of gun violence. She also says the march is to show people will never stop fighting for stronger gun laws. The march Saturday was scheduled to coincide with Mother's Day on Sunday.

The walk started in the Bronx at Saw Mill Park at 139th Street and Brook Avenue, and ended at St. Ann's Episcopal Church at 295 St. Ann's Avenue."

Meanwhile, innocent people across the country are wondering just WHEN it will be that these "mothers" stop popping out fatherless killers, then blaming it on the tools of their ghastly trade.

Beg pardon? Liberal administrations have been funding these killer-incubators for decades and won't stop until we MAKE them?

Good point.

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