Monday, March 22, 2010

America...Then And Now

I'm going to disregard the most recent socialist crime of Barry Hussein...his healthcare travesty will be found unconstitutional soon enough and be nothing more than a bad memory...and focus upon another of his follies.

"When I mention the rights of aliens, I must be understood of alien friends only, or such whose countries are in peace with ours, for alien enemies have no rights, no privileges...during the time of war."

Thomas Jefferson, taken from page 226 of The Thomas Jefferson Reader, discussing how the new United States would treat aliens living in America. It strikes home on two points in particular; our illegal alien problem, and only a problem, because the liberals have made it one, and the decision by the Obo administration to try alien combatants as they would American citizens.

Amazing how completely ass backwards Barry and his band of merry jerkwads have been, isn't it?

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