Monday, March 15, 2010

Female Prison Guards Often Behind Sex Misconduct

"Female staff are more often implicated than their male counterparts in prison sexual misconduct. While many cases could be considered consensual, incarceration experts and female prison guards say the problem is much more complicated."

Nature versus nurture never had a better template to draw conclusions from as today's rampant invasion of female workers into traditional male professions.

Wayyyyyyy back when I was a Marine prison guard, a man had to have been a combat vet to work in the most notorious of places of incarceration such as Portsmouth Naval Prison. My very first night on the job, I had to, at 2:00 AM, lock myself into a squad bay overflowing with dozens of convicted felons in order to take a head count. Pitch black...couldn't awaken the little darlin's don't ya know...and shuffling from rack to rack I wondered precisely what I would, or could do, should enough of them take umbrage at such stumbling an intrusion into their nappy-naps and demand a piece of my hide as recompense.

Next morning, the OD explained that "Why, you'd fight like a bastard while blowing your whistle, that's what you'd do," and uh-huh, it did come to pass on more than one occasion. 

Moral of the story; only the biggest and baddest (and dumbest) should be considered for certain jobs and if one isn't big then he better learn damn quick to be bad. Combat is combat and surviving means leaving the tea and crumpets at home and bringing your dark side to bear and pronto.

So of course women are taking advantage/being taken advantage of as they delve deeper into heretofore male occupations. At a distinct disadvantage in the mass and muscle department, as well as having been for the most part reared to be a lot nicer than your average bear, there are all sorts of troubles they can get into, and, instead of employing common sense, those doing the hiring are coerced into forcing round pegs into square holes in the name of "equality".

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