Friday, March 12, 2010

Geneva atom smasher seeks dark matter discoveries

GENEVA (AP) - "The world's largest atom smasher could generate its first scientific breakthrough later this year when operators hope to make discoveries into the elusive nature of dark matter, the director of the European Organization for Nuclear Research said Monday.

Rolf-Dieter Heuer said the Large Hadron Collider would be ramped up to world record power later this month. At 7 trillion electron volts, that will be three times more energy than the record set in November by Heuer's organization - known by its French acronym CERN.

By crashing high energy beams of protons into each other in a 27-kilometer (17-mile) tunnel under the Swiss-French border at Geneva, CERN's scientists hope to gain key insights into the makeup of matter and the creation of the universe billions of years ago in the moments after the Big Bang.

There have been no discoveries so far with the LHC, Heuer said. But he predicted breakthroughs soon into the mysterious dark matter that scientists believe comprises a quarter of the whole universe.

"We will open a door for new physics at the end of this year," Heuer told reporters. "It took several decades for us to understand the visible universe. This is all nicely explained by the standard model, but the big problem is that this is only 5 percent of the universe."

And the chances of you folks finding much of anything about it, are slim and none, and slim is visiting uranus.

These are these same guys that demoted Pluto mostly because it was the ONLY planet discovered by an American, so disregard all their other "arguments" as absolute BS.

Ever since we touched down on the moon 40 years ago, Europe and Russia and China and South America and Togo, have had this space-envy deal going on.

Tired of America being first in anything remotely important, they then went ahead and "discovered" bogus sciences so as to then take the lead in who's got the smartest kids department.

The Hadron Collider probably won't even work, but on the chance it does, will do not much of anything but keep spooky-science'ers as Einstein called them, ungainfully employed.

One good thing about the global warming fiasco has been its alerting anyone vaguely capable of active minded thought to the very real probability that there abound many scientific disciplines that are nothing more than modern day ponzi schemes.


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