Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Double Tap Now Offers The Barnes All-Copper Expander in .357 Flavorings

I've tried other company's all copper hollowpoints and was unfavorably unimpressed. Wait. Does that means I was in fact impressed?

Never mind. Lots of dental work and tons of pain killers have made this old top sergeant dopier than usual, but back when Lisa and I lived in Iowa, Crazy Jay and yours truly worked on some handloads of his using copper hollows and agreed that at the mickey mouse velocities driven by large ammo makers, the round lacked sufficient expansion.

Double Tap is not so inclined, and has a 110 grain .357 product that does a legitimate 1600'/second plus out of a 4" Ruger GP-100.

Jay is due to receive a passel, passel and a half of these critters and will report back forthwith.

Perhaps sooner.

Reason for my post-happy Tuesday is due to, as the frogs say, being hors-de-combat from all the meds and that means sitting home and counting flowers on the wall instead of getting into trouble. Like I damned well should be doing.

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