Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Yorks Finest Hard At Work

Cops have visited elderly Brooklyn couple's home at least 50 TIMES looking for criminals

 "Brooklyn World War II vet Walter Martin and his wife, Rose, aren't at the top of the NYPD's most wanted list - it just feels that way.

Cops have swooped down on the law-abiding couple's modest Marine Park home at least 50 times in the last eight years hunting bad guys - only to learn they were chasing a bad address.

They've come looking for murder and robbery suspects. Once, cops came hunting for one of their own - an NYPD officer accused of raping his 14-year-old stepdaughter.

In each case, NYPD officers from commands ranging from the north Bronx to Staten Island somehow confused the Martins' two-story home with the hideout of a suspect or key witness - a different person nearly every time.

"I'm really worried," Rose Martin, 82, said. "How could so many people get my address and how could cops be coming from so many different precincts?"

This is how its done in the Big Apple:

Someone in the NYPD, or a local politician, or simply a guy or gal with lots and lots of juice makes a few phone calls and cuts a deal. Send in the cops to harass and continue to harass someone living at a valued property until the owners throw in the towel and move.

Old folks are susceptible to this sort of scam. WHITE old folks particularly so. No Al Sharpton to run to, no NY Times to demand a reason for such intrusions. And forget trying to rectify this through communications with the NYPD.


The "mistakes" will continue until one or both of them dies or they start returning the letters and phone calls from those real estate dealers, who, dollars to doughnuts, have been after the property for quite some time.

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