Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gun Rights Supporters Tote Weapons at Rally Outside Kentucky's Capitol

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Gun rights supporters unabashedly toted weapons at a rally outside Kentucky's Capitol on Saturday in a show of political muscle aimed at sending a message to policymakers to protect the Second Amendment.

Speakers stressed the importance of guns for self-defense, drawing cheers from about 300 people at the rally where American flags were plentiful.

Many in the crowd had weapons holstered at their sides or strapped to their backs while attending the Kentucky Second Amendment March. The event is part of a national, grass-roots campaign culminating with a planned rally next month in Washington.

Rex Bartley, state coordinator for the march, said bearing arms is a "God-given right," and said gun rights supporters are a "silent majority" who need to speak out.

Not much more need be said except to set some records straight.
Non-law enforcement civilians interface with criminals far more often than does the sworn constabulary. Bad guys don't hijack police helicopters, snatch and grab from cops, steal police cars or break and enter into police stations. 

Because WE are our first line of defense and the target of 99% of all criminal acts, WE both deserve and demand equal protection via the ownership and deployment of firearms. As is our birthright as Americans.

Over 97% of confrontations between citizens and felons result in the felon fleeing the scene...WITHOUT a shot being fired. The mere sight of a gun sends a coward running most of the time, and WE certainly do not shoot up the neighborhood as do the police every time some poor schmuck with a cell phone points it in the general direction of a cop.

WE are by and large better shots. WE take better care of our weapon systems. WE employ far more modern and effective munitions.

If I'm stuck in some back alleyway and down to my last round, I want Lem, or Woody, or Straight, or Hyunch, or badinov, or Croat, or Woodman, or any number of my online pals turning the corner with a sixgun blazing...over ANY cop alive. To the cop a gun is just a tool to use on his job, something to grow cobwebs in and clean once a month whether it needs it or not. True gunmen perfect their proficiencies with firearms and ANY of us stands a better chance in fighting off the swarming hoards than does the average doughnut gobbler.

Since arriving in Florida I've fought long and hard to bring open carry to the Sunshine State. At this moment in time I do not think it will happen anytime soon, and applaud my brothers-in-arms of Kentucky. Kentucky doesn't have a Miami or Jacksonville so the politicians there don't faint dead away from the thought of able bodied men bearing arms like they do here. Each and every sincere discussion of open carry invariably leads to a Mom-Against-Handguns march that has the female politicos weeping right along with the maddening moms and but of course the Yellowstream Media joins in and even our usually reliable representatives go scurrying for cover.

But we'll keep trying. It's what men do. Against any odds.


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