Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Guns Of Philly

In the last two years, Philadelphia police have confiscated guns from at least nine men - including four security guards - who were carrying them legally, and only one of the guns has been returned, according to interviews with the men.

Eight of the men said that they were detained by police - two for 18 hours each. Two were hospitalized for diabetic issues while in custody, one of whom was handcuffed to a bed. Charges were filed against three of the men, only to be withdrawn by the District Attorney's Office.

The civil-rights unit of the City Solicitor's Office confirmed that it is handling eight such cases. Two of the men interviewed by the Daily News said that they rejected settlement offers from the city ranging from $3,500 to $7,500. One accepted a $5,000 offer.

Most of the cases hinge on what local authorities call the "Florida loophole," under which a Pennsylvania resident can obtain a nonresident permit to carry a concealed weapon through the mail from another state, even without a permit in Pennsylvania.

The "loophole" is unpopular with Philadelphia cops.........

Ok, stop the music.

Why Philadelphia cops have any say in civil right matters is preposterous.

But wait!

Liberal entities have a long record for such goings on. There was this deal they are now calling "slavery", where people were denied their unalienable rights just because one group thought them to be too stupid to speak, act, or conduct themselves as appropriately as real people could. Now, you can look it up, but this practice went on for quite some time, even in America.

The folks that agreed with such notions were, in the United States, referred to as "Democrats". The top cop in Philadelphia, Commissioner Ramsey, is a registered Democrat. Is it therefore no wonder that he fervently believes that his "men" should discriminate at will?
Bet yer bottom dollar it is. The Commish is a staunchly liberal fellow, and even in modern day America, that means racist, and a racist is defined as a person who follows a doctrine of belief that some people are better or less better than other people because of a way they look, think, and act. Even were the Commish to be a mere gun-hater, the 2nd Amendment is clearly a civil rights matter so of course he is a dyed-in-the-wool, cotton pickin' racist.

Shame on you, Commissioner Ramsey, and shame on ALL Philadelphia cops. When are the liberals going to learn that is the year 2010 and not 1810? Depriving people of basic human rights just doesn't work anymore.

Pictured: Several of the men attacked by racist Philadelphia police officers on order from their Democrat Commissioner.

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