Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Every 13 Seconds An American Uses A Firearm In Defense Against Criminal Attack...


Gun defenses since January 1, 2005.

91.7% of these times, the gun was NOT FIRED. The criminal was not WOUNDED, or KILLED.

73.4% of the time the attacker was a stranger.

79.7% of the time the defender used a concealed firearm.

83.5% of the time the attacker initiated the use of force and was repelled. This of course disproves the liberal clarion call to become a victim, that having a gun means having it taken away from you. So on the contrary, having a gun means that close to 9 out of 10 times you will survive an attack.

From whence these facts and figures?

Florida State University. Estimating that 2.5 million events of defensive gun use occurs every year, with the vast majority...91.7% as shown above.... requiring no discharge of any weapon.

If you don't already own one, aquire a firearm. Something you can afford, but something of enough caliber to assure survival should you be in the 8.3 percentile that must needs use the firearm. This means .40 caliber or above, except in the case of the .357 Magnum.

Choose fromWinchester Ranger-T, Federal HST, Remington Golden Saber, Eldorado Starfire, Double-Tap, Buffalo-Bore, or Speer Gold Dot ammunitions. Select one of the above according to which performs the best in your gun. Practice with inexpensive full metal jacket ammunition of the same weight, and once every two or three months re-evaluate your primary munitions. This means shooting off the old stock then replenishing it anew.

Pay NO ATTENTION to the "experts" that write for gun magazines. Their job is to sell advertising. Keep it simple, and practice whenever you can. And remember that Ma and/or Pa Kettle chase the goblins away nearly 84% of the time so don't go spending tons of money on some asinine Defensive Handgun Course. These are primarily for fat old retired guys who are one Big-Mac away from a stroke, and instead of paying careful attention to what might REALLY kill them, they plunk down thousands of bucks to have bang-bang guru's "teach" them how to repel boarders. They get a certificate for their trouble, something to nail on the wall so actual dyed-in-the-wool gunsters can laugh at them behind their backs after seeing such idiocy hanging in the den.

If you really want to sharpen your combat reflexes remember one thing and one thing only. Attention to detail. You either have it or you do not have it. Having it means no one has to tell you that featuring a waistline 10" bigger in circumference than your chest is a bad thing. Not having it but being halfway intelligent means you can learn to pay more attention to the here and now, not some mythical tomorrow where you cap away half a dozen screaming ninja's without breaking a sweat because some conman in a baseball cap and ever-so-tacticool vest taught you how to dance with a pistol.

Eventually aquire a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun to compliment your handgun. Or, a .223 or .308 caliber longarm but NOT with military grade ammunition. Choose one of the many good offerings for civilian use that EXPANDS upon striking a soft target. You want to make the biggest hole possible, and shouldn't care about penetrating barriers but SHOULD CARE about stopping an aggressor dead in his tracks.

We're not Europe, although they're discovering just how swell this multiculturalism deal works, too. Leftwing forces have created a sub-culture of welfare criminals, from the 20% minority that commits 80% of the violent crimes. The police will not defend us. Liberal politicians want us beholding and weak.

Arm yourself and fight back. If the vast majority of people with absolutely no training can do it then so can you. And once again just for the gipper, pay the fuck attention. That'll save your ass should the shit hit the fan far more often than all the seminars in the world from those who practice turning stale and stupid cliches into words of wisdom. This is not rocket science. Stay armed and alert and shoot to kill any motherfucker who decides that the Kennedy's and Kerry's and Pelosi's were right and distributing the wealth is a grand thing so your stuff should belong to him. If you happen to be female and run into a man who wants to add you to his list of I-fucked-the-bitch-to-watch-her-cry, then draw on the son of a bitch and if he doesn't run like the frenzied coward he truly is, then shoot him dead.

If you are either afraid of guns or so bad with them you just know you'd never be able to shoot anything, then go into politics. The government will provide you with armed men to watch your six. For free.

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