Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We Get Letters

"The numbers are out and not good. We've got the lowest hit rate of any force over 5000, and that means any big city. You know why too."

Yes. The infamous NY trigger spring. Makes it bodaciously difficult to get off a fast shot and since fast shots are what police generally take a lot of, then an approximate 10% hit rate is what is going to happen. Received the above in an email from an aquaintance on the NYPD referencing the 2004 FBI report that ranks NYC among the lowest of all large police departments with regards to accuracy. Not at the range, in the streets. The politicians decided upon the much heavier NY trigger in order to do away with spray & pray, and a great many of the smaller officers can't squeeze a 12 lb trigger and hit a damned thing except the sky and the ground.

The overall average continues to hover around 82-85 percent, and since 2005 saw more shots fired and more misses than ever, and 2006 is looking even worse, NY might very well wind up missing the intended target somewhere in the neighborhood of 92% of the time.


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