Thursday, August 31, 2006

Getting The Feeling That Moxie Isn't A Spurlock Fan

Morgan Spurlock, that is. No, it isn't the name of something cowboys use to keep their bootheels attached, but the moron who gave us Super Size Me. The West Virginian that received an award from the NY International Fringe Festival. Since I haven't seen SSM, I cannot comment on the quality of the work, but of course someone consumming 5000 calories a day of freaking ANYTHING will gain weight if it isn't worked off. Duh.

But to loons, this is an epiphany.

Next up, the jerkwad spends time in the can to see what it's like to spend time in the can. Prison is different, he says, and can't you just wait for the NEXT award to be handed out to this idiot on a shoestring.

Mox says FX contacted her about participating in one of the 30 Days episodes, and it's good to see that she turned them down. So go see what she's all on about.

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