Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Guns And Crime

Yes, gun sales are up, and coupled with the black abortion rate that's finally catching up to the amount of gangbangers available to kill, steal, and rape, reported criminal activity will probably continue on something of a downward spiral.

But nature and that vacuum enter the fray and hispanics don't have nearly the amount of abortions, so don't look for that particular trend to continue. More people are willing to defend themselves in states that have, Texas aside, long been devotees of the 2nd Amendment, but this is more than ever becoming a process of location-specific violent crime.

The safer venues will get safer while the big cities become more dangerous because big cities and legal weapons do not go hand in hand. Big cities will respond by taking a page from Great Britains manner of not declaring a homicide a homicide until the perpetrator is caught and convicted. Some already do so, and while the total number of victims remains the same or rises, the statistics lie just as statistics are supposed to do.

Just remember that simply because a criminal leaves for greener pastures he or she doesn't stop being a criminal. It's logical to presume that such scum will not attempt to prey on those capable of defending themselves, but there's plenty of room for new recruits in the cities that refuse to allow law abiding citizens the right to protect home and hearth.

Even liberals understand this, hence movies such as Escape From New York.

Thanks to Patrick for the fodder, and click the above link to see more.

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