Monday, May 19, 2008

Gun thefts from Houston police property room lead to security upgrades

HOUSTON (AP) - "People with criminal backgrounds had access to a Houston police property room for months or even years, and more than 30 guns disappeared.

Documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle indicate that lax security created an environment ripe for theft.

No one has been charged in the gun thefts, although police suspected telephone repairmen who were caught stealing other items, and a temporary employee who was awaiting trial for aggravated robbery.

All the men were convicted of other crimes but never charged in the gun thefts.

Police say they have improved security including adding cameras.

They plan to open a new, $13.8 million property room next year."

I'm sure that a quick check of the badge-carrying personnel would reveal more than a few "criminal backgrounds", as nowadays it doesn't take much...particularly when trying to shuffle blame around like some Times Square hustler's be described as a criminal.

And the cure is to toss enough money at the problem so that once it happens yet again the brass can throw their hands in the air and say, well, at least we tried.

Police are well known gun-thieves. Guns are missing, so they blame everyone else but the most likely of suspects.

Go figure.

Good thing the residents of Houston are so very wealthy that they can spend nearly $14 million dollars on a glorified closet and not mind a bit.

Thanks to The War on Guns for the link.

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