Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lions Eat Game Farm Worker in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — "Police say six caged lions left only fingers and intestines after eating a worker giving them water.

The lions attacked the 49-year-old man Tuesday after he went inside their cage to deliver water, police said Wednesday.

The man had been working at the Uitspan game farm in northwest South Africa for at least two years, police said. No one witnessed the attack.

Environmental affairs was called to the game farm, which cages lions and other animals for tourists' viewing, to discus the fate of the lions."

The thing to do here, is to put up signs, lots of signs, prohibiting such activity. For we all know that to prevent animals from engaging in such behavior, all one need do is make it illegal, and don't forget those signs.

Just fingers and some gut? They ate his head?

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