Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mass. officer's gun goes off during safety class

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — "A firearms instructor in southern Massachusetts has been assigned to other duties after his gun accidentally went off while he was teaching a class on weapons safety. Officials say the Glock handgun discharged while Maj. Donald Lamar was demonstrating to Bristol County deputy sheriffs how to safely holster the weapon.

The bullet ripped a hole in Lamar's pants but missed his leg and foot.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says the officer made a "gross error in judgment" by not emptying the weapon before the class last week.

Lamar, a certified firearms instructor since 2005, was transferred to another division and will not carry a firearm while the incident is being investigated."

Any relation to Hedley Lamar, ya think? Doesn't matter all that much I suppose. Sounds to me like Major Lamar had little to do with the discharge, though. Darned GLOCK just went off. You and I both know that a highly trained, senior member of law enforcement would NEVER try holstering his pistol with a finger or any sort of obstruction anywhere near the trigger.

Just. Went. Off.

Only one guy can withstand the wrath of a just-going-off gun. So lay off on the Major, mmkay?

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