Wednesday, May 21, 2008


May 21, 2008 -- "BUOYED by their modest electoral success last month, critics of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's provocative foreign policy were preparing to launch a series of attacks on him in the Islamic Majlis, Iran's ersatz parliament. But then Ahmadinejad got an unexpected boost from Barack Obama.

Ali Larijani, Iran's former nuclear negotiator and now a Majlis member, was arguing that the Islamic Republic would pay a heavy price for Ahmadinejad's rejection of three UN Security Council resolutions on nukes. Then the likely Democratic presidential nominee stepped in.

Obama announced that, if elected, he wouldn't ask Iran to comply with UN resolutions as a precondition for direct talks with Ahmadinejad."

Well of course he wouldn't. Any man who'd sit for decades listening to Jeremiah Wright screaming about how unfair America is, would favor even Iran over the United States. And while we're speaking of J-Wright, has anyone out there heard from the man lately? The SAME man who was supposed to be so upset with his star pupil that he'd try to sabotage his run for the Presidency?

Course not. The charade was played out to a fair thee well. The same sort of similar charade that went down when Obama said he'd negotiate with Iran.

Pleasing your base. The Blame-America-First'ers.

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