Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strange But True

Stray Japan parrot talks way home

A stray parrot was reunited with its owner in Japan after repeating its name and address at the local veterinary clinic that took it in, police said.

Police captured the red-tailed African Grey, Yosuke, earlier this month after a woman called to say it was sitting on a fence in her backyard near Tokyo.

The parrot was then handed over to the animal clinic to be cared for.

It began by greeting people and singing popular children's songs, before repeating its name and address.

Police matched the name with its owner, who was reunited with Yosuke earlier this week.

The parrot had become lost two weeks ago after flying out of its cage in Nagareyama city, Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo.

"I'm glad I had taught him my address and name," the Daily Yomiuri newspaper quoted his owner as saying.

The African Grey parrot is considered one of the most intelligent birds and is said by experts to have the cognitive ability of a six-year-old."

Wow. A bird as smart as Barack Obama.

Not that by itself this should be considered unusual, but just think; the darn thing said all this in Japanese. Even with speech writers and teleprompter's, Barack can barely speak English. Domo Arogato Mr. Parrato.

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