Thursday, May 29, 2008

Socialist Anti-Gun Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill On Lifelong Weapons Permits

"Gov. Janet Napolitano on Tuesday vetoed a pair of proposals to expand gun rights in Arizona, arguing the measures would have needlessly put law enforcement and the public at risk.

Senate Bill 1106, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Gray, R-Mesa, would have created a state-issued, concealed-weapon permit valid for a lifetime. Under current law, a gun owner must renew the permit every five years, and each time undergo a new criminal background check.

"The concept of lifetime validity for a concealed-weapons permit is unwise public policy," Napolitano, a Democrat, wrote in a letter that accompanied her veto.

She noted that state licenses for food-service workers in Arizona are valid for only three years, after which chefs, waiters, bartenders and dishwashers must take a new exam on food safety to renew their licenses."

Damn. Someone help me out here. I just can't find Food Service anywhere in the Constitution...

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