Thursday, May 29, 2008

Whose side are police unions and the media on?

I left that duh-worthy headline intact on read on MacDuffs

With pending legislation that reinforces the popular concept that a person's home is their castle, and a pro-gun Democrat governor who fully supports it, the anti-gun media has had a tough time sustaining the type of barrage against SB184 that was typical of their past assaults against HB12 (Ohio's Concealed Handgun Licensure Law) and HB367 (Ohio's Statewide Gun Control Preemption Law).

Their opportunity came last week, however, when the leadership of the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police labor union realized that someone has taken their veto stamp away from them. These elitists are having trouble adjusting to the fact that they are subject to citizen control and the citizens have reasserted control over their objections, and the anti-gun media are only happy to give union leaders' dog and pony show plenty of coverage.

But as an Associated Press story that is being run in newspapers, radio and television across the state shows, more media coverage isn't necessarily a good thing, either for the police unions OR the journalists who cover them."

It isn't exactly news that both cops and robbers (modern day journalists and/or liberal politicians, to those not in the know) are generally AGAINST people being able to defend themselves because that takes the power from the few and distributes it to the many.

The old timers used to call it...what was it now...oh yeah, E Pluribus Unum. Click the headline link for the full magilla.

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