Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shelter prez shoots himself accidentally

The president of an under-fire Jersey City animal shelter accidentally shot himself in the foot in his Union City apartment last Thursday, according to police reports.

Hector Carbajales, president of the Hudson County District Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, heard a noise from the roof of his New York Avenue building shortly after midnight and loaded a .357 Magnum "for his protection," police said.

As he pulled back the hammer, he dropped the handgun, causing it to fire a bullet into his right big toe, reports said. Carbajales was treated at the Jersey City Medical Center and released.

Union City Police Chief Charles Everett said seven legally registered guns were taken from the apartment and are being held at police headquarters "for safekeeping."

Carbajales has said that his family has been hectored by animal activists since reports surfaced of filthy conditions at the HCSPCA. He could not be reached yesterday for comment."

First of all, a .357 magnum round to the toe at that range would have taken the thing clear off. And next we have the excuse of ALL excuses; the gun fell to the ground then fired.

I call bogus.

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