Monday, February 09, 2009

The B-Team Has Met The Enemy And Decided That WE Are Easier To Take Down

"IMAGINE a terrorist setting off a bomb in your home, killing 17 friends and family members. Two years later, you learn authorities have caught the mastermind of the attack, who's confessed not only to bombing your house but other acts of terrorism.

Then, six years later, you hear that the charges against the killer have been dropped and that he might go free - while those who arrested and questioned him may face congressional investigation and even jail time.

If you can get your mind around this nightmare, then you can appreciate the feelings of retired US Navy Cmdr. Kirk Lippold, former skipper of the destroyer USS Cole.

On Oct. 12, 2000, terrorists set off a bomb alongside the Cole as it was peacefully moored in the port of Aden. The blast killed 17 members of Lippold's command and wounded nearly 40 others.

On Thursday, proceedings against the bombing's mastermind, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, were suspended and the charges against him dropped, thanks to President Obama's executive order putting on hold all military tribunals for terror suspects. The charges may be reinstated later, depending on the results of the administration's review of these issues. Where that review is leading is unclear - and al-Nashiri's release, despite his confessed guilt, becomes a real possibility"

Couple weeks in office and already the place is a shambles. That's what happens when amateurs and the blame-America-first crowd gets even a hint of real power.

North Korea is giving Iran the capability to hit not only hit Israel, but our own Left Coast, the economic news gets worse each and every day, and Mr. Small Change's answer is to spend a trillion dollars erecting rainbow-themed latte stands on every street corner that give away tickets to a free abortion along with every double mocha.

We needed someone
tougher than Bush and what we got was let-'em-go-Obo who wants to close Gitmo and send the killers here so that they can have celebrity chef's stop by more often....or...flat-out hand them first class tickets to the paradise of their choice because Holder, the true face of injustice if there ever was one, will be far too busy prosecuting the intelligence guys who helped keep the country safe since 9/11. That's when he finds some free time away from ridding the country of most of the Bill of Rights.

Not that I'm hoping for a terrorist attack on the most hated state in the Union, but maybe, just maybe, stopping a group of thugs right before they blow up the Golden Gate Bridge might drill some sense into those who voted for this incompetent clown.

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