Thursday, February 12, 2009

Open-Carry...Use It Or Lose It

The oldtimers here tell me that back when Florida was an open-carry state, one of the ways the law-enforcement-backed anti's convinced the local yokelry to forget about packing iron in the light of day was to remind them how most law abiding Christian folks aren't as rude as all that, and besides, it's the damn visiting yankees that bitch and moan about prancin' about in front of God and everyone sporting a hog leg.

The "We Don't Use It Anymore's So Why Not Give It Up" defense against open carry. The "Haven't We Gone Far Beyond The Need To Play Cowboy" line of reasoning that swayed many a Fudd into believing that covering up one's gat was merely a polite way of showing everyone just how downright civilized we all were, and besides, all a man really needs anyway is a good rifle or shotgun and nobody will EVER think of taking those away.

We all nearly bled to death from those never ending little cuts that at the time didn't seem all that important to far too many of us. And now face the uphill battle to retrieve what was once recognized as a universal, inalienable right, because if there's one thing besides our money that the government wants, it is total power over us in virtually every way. Hard for a Sheriff to push for his very own SWAT team and black helicopter and scazillion dollar state of the art live-fire mansion when the citizenry is handling things just fine thank you very much.

But fight we do, even if I'm forced to admit that getting open-carry back in Florida is looking lately like a pipe dream. Others have had better luck (I know, luck has nothing to do with it but don't get me started) and one place you can learn about them is at Open Carry dot Org.

This way, when the peaceaholics like the one in the accompanying pic arrive in your burg, you'll be forewarned and ready to laugh 'em out of town.

On a rail.

After a tar and feathering.

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