Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh-Bummer Getting More And More Bitchy, Isn't He

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama fired the sharpest warning of his young presidency at Republicans who are mustered against his$ 900-billion stimulus plan for the plunging economy.

Obama has sought to build bipartisan support for his massive dose of tax cuts and infrastructure spending designed to waken dormant consumption and create between 3 million and 4 million jobs.

But he showed the first sign of impatience Wednesday, bringing up twice what Democrats say are discredited economic policies of president George W. Bush, which they contend helped cause the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.

"In the past two days, I have heard criticisms of this plan that, frankly, echo the very same failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis in the first place," Obama said, before signing a children's health insurance bill.

He took aim at the "notion that tax cuts alone will solve all our problems" and warned against the idea that the economic crisis could be tackled with "half steps, and piecemeal measures and tinkering around the edges."

Obama also faulted unnamed opponents he said believe "that we can ignore the fundamental challenges like the high cost of healthcare and still expect our economy and country to thrive."

"I reject these theories, and by the way so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change," the president said, in his most edgy partisan language in his two weeks in office."

This is like only the 7 thousand, 4 hundreth and 97th time he or a member of his cabal have stated that the American people really really like paying taxes and financing tons of pork because well golly, they voted for him.

Forget the fact that he RAN on CUTTING TAXES. Yes. Because how the hell is he or ANY bullshitting nobody going to build unisex rest rooms in alla them there parks without TONS of extra cash...

That's okay, bunky. We needed someone like yourself to remind us just how totally frigged liberals can be.

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