Friday, February 20, 2009

Bills Running Back Cops To 3 Gun Misdemeanors

CULVER CITY, Calif. (AP) - Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch has been charged with three gun-related misdemeanors after his arrest last week in Culver City.

Police Detective Ryan Thompson says Lynch was charged Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court with possessing a concealed, loaded and unregistered firearm.

Lynch was arrested on Feb. 11 after police smelled marijuana coming from a parked car that Lynch occupied with two other men. Officers searched the vehicle and found a loaded pistol and four marijuana cigarettes. They did not book any of the men for any drug offenses.

Lynch's attorney, Gerald Schwartzbach, says he is pleased his client faces misdemeanors instead of felonies and feels the lesser charges are appropriate for the situation."

Yessiree Bob, 3 charges no less. Concealed, loaded and worst of all, unregistered. I'm all in favor of lawyering up and copping to a misdemeanor, particularly since its obvious that Mr. Lynch wasn't going to make this a test case regarding 2nd Amendment rights. I'll refrain from asking just how the fuck dumb one must BE to be smoking grass while "illegally" packing. In California.


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