Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So What ELSE Might Be On Obo's To-Do List...

"A 16-year-old German boy, who has wanted to be a girl since age 2, had a secret sex-change operation last month and may be the world's youngest to do so.

The operation that transformed Tim Petras into Kim Petras was paid for by Germany's government-supported health care system.

The surgery was authorized after psychologists confirmed that Kim Petras was "without doubt a girl in a boy's body."

He had been undergoing hormone therapy since age 12."

Yes indeed. Coming soon to a state near you...California or NY will lead the way, guaranteed...all sorts of "emergency" procedures funded by taxpayer monies. I do believe the Euro's refer to it as universal-scam-care, or some such rot. If Vegas can ask for millions for more neon signs and Austin wants your cash to build Frisbee golf courses, can weenie-chopping alternative lifestyle clinics be far behind?

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