Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Don't Toss That Old Lorcin...

NEW YORK - "Police and prosecutors say Queens is poised to hold the borough's first gun buyback program, set for six churches this weekend.

Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday, anyone can anonymously trade a working legal or illegal handgun, rifle or shotgun for a$200 bank card, no questions asked.

The cards can be used as debit cards or to withdraw money at ATMs. People will be paid for up to three guns. A working BB gun or air pistol can be exchanged for a $20 bank card.

The six drop-off locations are: Macedonia Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Praise Tabernacle, Evangel Temple, Majority BaptistChurch (sic) and Presbyterian Baptist Church.

Authorities have bought thousands of guns at recent buyback (sic)

Queens is poised to hold its first buyback. Thousands of guns have been bought at recent buybacks.

So which is it?

Anyway, this'd be a good time to burgle as many apartments as possible before the weekend. Gather together some homies and each can walk away with up to $600 from whatever pieces of crap your gang can beg, borrow or steal. And don't worry about the "working gun" caveat. Not like the cops are going to set up shooting ranges complete with every caliber of ammunition, and this is also a chance to make a killing on those replica's that barely even look like a real gun.

Win-win. The commies get to feel like they've done something for the cause, cops all over Queens get some serious overtime, you make out like a bandit, and all at the taxpayers expense.

And not for nothing, but since anti-gun types are forever screaming about things like "THE GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE" know, that's where private owners buy and sell personal property between one another... what Queens and other dirty places do with these give-backs is offering payment to transfer ownership of a firearm WITHOUT background checks, etc, when will the Brady creatures begin calling this...


Where REAL criminals are absolved of their dastardly deeds just because the cops and robbers (politicians) say so.

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