Saturday, February 28, 2009

St. Louis Tea Party Draws A Thousand To Protest The Messiah's Giveaways

ST. LOUIS — "Critics of President Barack Obama's stimulus plan gathered beneath the Arch Friday to cheer speeches over a bullhorn and toss tea into the Mississippi River.

A few conservative activists organized and promoted the rally, with help from talk-radio hosts. Pleased with the turnout in 35-degree bluster, leaders said they had stolen a page from liberal tradition by taking to the streets with homemade signs."

Can any of you recall the last time a newspaper article referred to "a few liberal activists" when describing the organizers of such an event?

Well I went and looked it up. And it was circa 2000 B.C., that's when.

"If I had known this many people would show up, I'd have charged admission," said Bill Hennessy of Ballwin, the lead organizer. "We'll do this every chance we get until Congress repeals the pork — or we retire them from public life."

Hennessy estimated that more than 1,000 people showed up. There was no official count, but the crowd spilled across roughly one-fourth of the grand staircase from the Arch to Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard. Former state Sen. John Loudon, R-Chesterfield, said, "We conservatives are usually pretty pathetic at making crowds. But this one's good."

Conservatives ARE pathetic when it comes to these goings on, because Conservatives have these weird things to otherwise occupy their time. They are called...and all you non-Conservatives should write this down: Jobs. Family. A real life. Things most liberals have only read about.

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