Sunday, February 08, 2009

So yesterday we went to a wedding...

The lovely couple were joined in matrimony in a small chapel. Until heading there, I was unaware as to where we were heading.

To the campus of the university (Small "u", they don't deserve a big one) of Florida.

Cue spooky music and Cut To:

Fits: Um, but that means I can't carry.

Lisa: Um, yeah, it does.

Fade Out to Fits strapping Ka-Bar to one ankle while hoping that the machete on the other ankle doesn't print too much.

Seriously, but what's a man to do. My CWP "allows" me to carry a frickin sword if I want to, but NO GUNS ALLOWED ON CAMPUS means I'm left to wishin' and hopin' that I can down a crazed killer with a lucky toss of a throwing knife. Sure I brought one. There'll be snowball fights in hell the day I drop to a knee and beg for my wife's life so that means rushing a gun with a blade and who the hell are the people who think this is cool?

Yeah I know. The same one's on their knees begging should the shit hit the fan.


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