Friday, February 20, 2009

Oklahoma City PD Admits Mistake in Pulling Over Man With Anti-Obama Sign

"The Oklahoma City Police Department admits one of its officers made a mistake in pulling over a man last week for carrying an anti-President Obama sign in his car.

According to The Oklahoman newspaper, an officer pulled over Chip Harrison last week because he had in his car a sign that said, "Abort Obama, not the unborn."

The officer confiscated the sign and handed Harrison a slip telling him he was under investigation, even though Harrison argued that the sign only meant he wanted Obama removed from office.

The officer thought Harrison was threatening to kill the president, according to the article. But the department later explained that the officer misinterpreted the sign.

That didn't stop Harrison from getting a visit from the Secret Service. They interviewed him at his house and determined he was not a threat to the president, according to the report."

Whew, doggie. The hired help just gets more uppity every day now don't they? I'm taking this with a grain of salt, otherwise I'd be frothing at the mouth and handloading some nasty's.

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